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10 November 2008 @ 05:03 am

Yo hey yo!!!
I finally get to watch my Scrap Teacher EP 5..
This EP is so so nice!!
i am watching it again and again since yesterday morning....
I tried to post last night, but i couldn't cuz i need to sleep early..
As TODAY, i have exams in the morning.. So i decided to post now...
Thanks to [info]jumpintomyheart for the video...

This picture looks like me this morning.. haha..
Having a terrible headache since waking up..
Hmm.. She does have the same type of phone as Yuto's..


Wanna see more? Click here!!!Collapse )


Wanna see more? Click here!!!Collapse )
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08 November 2008 @ 07:01 pm
I am back!!
I juz saw the Showa Heisei's livestage(2 Nov)..
And i noticed sth really interesting..
In the song, there is actually a preview of the EP 5...
So i did a screenshot out of it.. hehe...
Of course.. Credits to jumpintomyheart for the video...
I emitted the dance part cuz there are more later.. hehe..
AND i dun like the dressing... it looks as if the rest of backup ones.. AND i HATE IT!!!

The 3 muskettes... hehe.. Sry for the bad quality ne...
The 3 of them always look so cool...

Wanna see more?? Hehe.. click me!!!Collapse )

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04 November 2008 @ 08:36 pm


I cant even do any screenshots..

Demo, ashita...
I will put up the screenshots..

I wasted my whole day on dorama.. hehe..
Teppei Koike is KAWAIII..
He really got that young face ne..
Haha... I finished the drama about him as a police man..
Kakkoi to Kawaii!!

And, i am watching another drama of his, with Yamashita..
He is still so kawaii..
But his scene are not often...

BY TONIGHT... hehe...

Ja naa~~
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03 November 2008 @ 05:08 pm

I finished my SS!!
Hmm.. All the questions that i predicted are out!!
Now, i have 3 days left... hehe..

So, now as i promised, i am putting up the part 2 of the Scrap Teacher EP 4!!

Yuto-kun... Kakkoi desu ne?

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02 November 2008 @ 10:38 am
Hey... I finally got to watch Scrap Teacher EP4 last nite..
This episode is really nice..
Yamada is kawaii~
More smile from Chinen!!
Daiki is just too Kakkoi~

Okay..enough of crapping, I am going to put some screenshot.. yay..

Credit: bowling1991  for summary and links to ST
Credit: jumpintomyheart  for high quality cuts....

Okay.. really sorry for the bad quality.. cuz i load it from youtube...

Yuto!! Can i say that i start to like him more and more??
He is definitely a kakkoi guy.. haha..

He is having the "What should i do" look..
He really is another Kamenashi... hehe..

Daiki!! Did he cut his hair? I have this qn running in my head
since the part when he came in running suits.. haha..

Chinen... Kawaii~ Though he looks mature, but he is still KAWAII!!

Yamada... Eh.. still in his cool look?

Ehh.. Yuto is having a disappointed look ne..

Finally got this... I tried for the previous 2 ep.. but didnt make it..
It's rare to get the 4 of them in the pic.. haha..

Yuto looks like he is in deep thoughts ne..

Yuto saying Ganbatte!!
How i hope he will be there saying this when i am having my exams..

Yuto say "Nani"He looks alittle shocked too ne..

Daiki, Chinen and Yuto!! I never know that Chinen also likes to put his bag over his shoulder..

Yamada... frowning... i think is mostly cuz of the sun..

Yuto looks so sad... Poor him..

I know i've said it many times.. But i still have to say..
Yuto looks Kakkoi when he is serious!!!


Both Daiki and Chinen waitin for the command of Yamada.. haha
I like the expression of Daiki... hehe

3 Muskettes.... hehe..

Yuto: Ehh? You are not going to help out?

Yamada: What do you think?

Yamada: Ja naa~

Daiki: Where is he going?
Chinen: I have no idea..

Daiki: Soka na...
I love this pic!! Daiki is so kawaii when he is pouting!!

Yamada: Honto desuka? You going to help me? Yoroshiku ~

Haha.. this is the part when yamada is singing..

This is the part when Yamada is singing a duet..
And he is out of tone.. and it is really funny..haha..

Yamada: Eh?? You mean i can never sing??

Yamada: Nande? Singing is my favourite!!

Yuto: Daijobu desu...

Yuto: You think so too?

This part is really heartwarming..
The whole class is encouraging a classmate..

The cool three... hehe..

Kakkoi Yamada...

Daiki really looks like he has cut his hair ne..
Dun you think so??

Yuto: Soka na..

Sensei: Ganbatte!
This part is really sweet ne.. hehe.. teacher caring & classmates helping..

Yuto working.. hehe..

Sneaking Yamada...


Amazaka Ryuu-kun is back!!

Yuto is cute!! He has this " Nanika?" look..

haha.. Yuto has the expression " what is happening.." hehe..

Yuto: Do you know what he is trying to say?

Yay.. Yamada is smiling!!

Chii-chan wa kawaii~

Kakkoi~ Daii-chan wa Kakkoi~~

Daiki: Dun worry.. I'm on your side..

Another kawaii picture of Chii-chan..

Yamada looks so much like a lectureer ne...

hehe.. another smiling pic of Yamada..
Haiz. taking pictures of Yamada smiling, is really difficult ne..
Chii-chan.. Hmm.. a lot mature...

Daii-chan.. He has grown cooler.. hehe..

A challenging look ne..

Haha.. laughing @ the teacher...


Chii-chan wa kawaii~ He looks cute when he hold his chalk like this...

haha.. Yama-chan is so happy..
This smile makes me happy too.. haha..

I have to say, Daii-chan looks hot!!

ah.. I am melting soonn.. haha..

hehe.. a challeneging look ne.. But his is so different from Yamada's..

Another smile na...

Then back to a serious look..

Another serious look..
I have to say, Yamada does look good when he is serious ne..

Chii-chan.. back to his innocent and kawaii look...

Daii-chan... hehe..

Ah.. i am so tired!!
Hmm.. I think i will put up the second part pretty soon..
Do wait...

P.SThose guys are really hot... hehe...
Sry for being such an idiot hehe..

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01 November 2008 @ 11:03 am
Today, I'm free!!
I dun have to go to skool..
I juz woke up haha..

But next monday is the actual SS O's..
Ganbatte kimasu~~

Okay.. no more crapping, i shall continue my posting ne!!

Yama-chan looks so shy when the guest ask him for a favour..
Haha... Yuto is like pushing him into the whole thing...

Eh.. Why do i have the feeling that both Morimoto and Yuto
are actually waiting to see a good show?

Hehe.. Yamada tries to look cool ne.. His expression is so funny.

Finally laughing shyly.. haha..

Then ended up smiling awakwardly..

haha.. still feel hazukashi~

Another amusing expression of his.. hehe..

Having the "I'm really shy" look...
Sugee Kawaii ne...

Yamada:Nani? I am not blushing!!

Yamada:Okay.. I'm blushing..

Yamada:Stop looking @ me!! I admitted that i'm blushing!!

Ah.. I love this smile!! So wide.. haha..

Haha.. I dun know how to put a comment for this picture..
This expression of Yamada is really complicated ne..

Another big smile from Yamada...

This expression is like " Ehh.. Why are you still here? I thought you've gone home."

Yamada:Yamette! Hazukashiyo~

Another wide smile from Yamada..
I really like this episode.. Full of Yamada's smile..

Yamada: Eh? Nani? Mouikai~

Another pic of yuto trying to hide his laugh.. haha..

Another laugh from him.. Eh.. it looks familiar ne..

A Shock look from Yamada.. Kawaii~

Then it turn into a smile.. haha..

Kakkoi~ I've just notice Yamada's ear lobe...
Somehow like Buddha's ear..

Ehh.. looking into the camera.. He looks good even when frowning..

Ehh.. a mixture of smile and frown..

Yamada:Ahh.. I'm hungry!! Kaasan, please feed me ne..


Yamada:Eh.. Kaasan, oiishi!!

Yamada: Kaasan, mouikai~ Ah!!

Yamada:Ehh.. No more left??

This part is really funny when Yamada said Nani..

This expression i sreally suitable for him if he is confessing ne..

Another shy smile from Yamada...

Haha.... I love this epi of Showa Heisei..
Full of Yamada..

P.S Gomene.. please ignore my blabbling cuz i am really bored.. haha..

Credits to luma-chan for the video...

Do comment!!

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30 October 2008 @ 03:02 pm

I finally finish doing the Screenshot for Showa Heisei...
Thanks to [info]selena244 for the video...

Hmm.. I finished my maths paper 2 .. YEAH~~
Ano, I find it quite easy ne...
Finally, there is a subject that i am confident in...

Oh.. And, i finally know the dance steps of Mayonaka no Shadow Boy.. haha...

Okay.. enough of crapping, i shall start on the screenshots ne..

Ah.. Yamada ne... He is not smilling...
I miss his smile~~

Finally, a crack of smile appear..

Yamada in mist of deep thoughts..

Morimoto: Yuto-kun, what are you laughing at?
Yuto-: Betsuni
Yamada: Baka...

Yuto: But it'really funny!!

Morimoto:okay.. I have no choice but to agree with you ne..

I really have to say that Morimoto looks great in this green suit.. Totally kakkoi~

Morimoto:Okay.. maybe i should stop reading this..it is really boring ne..
Yuto:haha.. carry on... you are doing great!

Morimoto: honto desu ka? i don't get it!

Both of them try to hold their laughter.. haha..

Finally get to see the 3 guys smiling together..
Hmm.. i am really wondering wad it is in the cup..

Yamada in serious again.. Ehh.. Is it because he is too into Scrap Teacher?

Smiling Morimoto.... He is really kawaii ne~~

Daiki: Ah.. I got a message.. I wonder if it is from my girlfriend.
Chinen OS: I doubted ne..

Daiki: I shall let you see ne..Chotto..

Daiki: Ahh.. Yabai~ It's a secret.. Gomena!

Chinen: Demo, i have something for you.
Daiki: Nani?

Chinen: A picture of my girlfriend.
Daiki: Eh....

Chinen: Okay.. It's from my mum..
Daiki: Ehh. Nande kore?

Yamada: But, i got a letter today.. Yuto-kun, can you take a look for me?

Yuto:Okay.. I'm looking at it now...

yuto:eh?? The letter said that "to pay 500 yen if I am not Yamada Ryosuke"

Chinen: Honto desu ka? 500 yen?
(Chii-chan is kawaii~~ I love his rabbit tooth ne..)

I love this expression of Daiki!!!

Daiki has the expression of " I better tell kaasan that i will be late home tonight"

Yamada: ah.. I'm heartbroken
Daiki:ah.. daijobu desu..
Chinen: Ganbatte...

Ah.. finally a great laugh from Yamada..

Ahh.. another big laugh from him..

Yamada: give me a big hug..

This part is really funny..
The guest actually said something really funny that the host rolled on to the floor..

A final smile from the 3 HSJ members...

Really sorry for all the crap that i did juz now..
cuz i am really bored and tired..
Do comment ^^
And credit if reposting ne.. ^^

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29 October 2008 @ 08:29 pm

hey hey hey~
I've finished my Physic paper 2..
It's super hard and random... Totally uncalled for...

Demo, I am here for some Yuto's pic...
Haha... haah...

I really have to say that Yuto-kun is really serious in ScrapTeacher ne?
Totally unlike him... I think i prefer his old ways(like in the PV)

Ahh.. this looks like Yama-chan, Daii-chan and Chii-chan are bullying Yuto-kun ne?

Ahh... Yuto-kun, dont be sad ne...
Can i say that his face is just as sharp as kamenashi-kun's?

"Sensei, nandekore? Ii desuka?" haha.. A made up speech of me...

"Doushite koko ni?" another made-up speech...

This looks as if Yuto-kun is going to fight Yamada...
Yabai~ Hope that i will not see both of them fighting..
I think i like them being friends..

Yuto-kun has the "Gomenasai" look..

Ehh.. Yuto looks hurt...

To be frank, i really like guys who are serious..
He is so kakkoi when he is serious...

But a smile looks good on him too!!

I love this expression of his...
It's like he is saying "Uso?"

Ahh.. happy ending eh...

He is having the " What are you looking @" look..
But he is kakkoi in school suit..

I like this pic!! His face give a "happy ending" look!!

Ah~ Ohayou sensei~

Ah~ I like his sideway ne.. Always kakkoi~

haha.. happy ending.. I love him smiling juz like this...
P.S do jap guys always like to put their bag over their shoulder?


Daii-chan and Chii-chan!!
Daii-chan is kakkoi~
Chii-chan too!! But he looks pissed in this pic ne..

Ah.. tomorrow is math paper 2.. I really wonder if i can do well ne..
Ganbatte kimasu~





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28 October 2008 @ 07:45 pm
I just come back from my Social Studies O's..
So tiring!!!
My hands are breaking soon.. Sobz...
but, i think i did quite well ne~

Sorewa, I am going to post some screenshot of Music station on 24/10/08..
All of them are so cool~ Even the bullies in Scrap Teachers are there...

Ahh~ Looking at the picture really made my day cheerful ne~
Finally get more pics of Yabu and the rest..

Comments is appreciated..
Please do credit if you are reposting..^^
Ah... I really like to thankfuuken_gamu  for the video~

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28 October 2008 @ 06:34 pm
Credits to HiKaRiEcHiZeN from YT for the score and  kawaiipi-chan from LJ for sharing


Do credit if you are talking or repost...

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